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Your personal diary of golf memories

With Golf GameBook, you never play alone. Start creating your own memories.

Throughout the past month's we've documented a series of golf related stories. Stories where we took the backseat as a brand and let interesting people from across a wide range of industries share their relationships with the game of golf. We labelled this initiative "Golf X You" and we'd like you to start creating your own. Here's why:

When it comes to golf, it's hard to find another sport that can accompany you throughout pretty much each stage of your life. Whether you picked up your clubs when you were 6 or 60, the game has something to offer for everyone.

Throughout the past 20 years, technology has had a profound impact on our day to day lives. Mobile phones are inextricably bound to us and they've started to perform functions that we no longer need to bare the effort of doing on our own. A great example of this is the simple act of remembering the phone numbers of those closest to you. Before the whole mobile phone era, we would memorize the most important phone numbers, as we needed to have those in case we needed to make a phone call while on the road. Today, our mobile device handle the burden for us, and beyond.

Throughout time, people have collected experiences, documented those as physical photographs (or video) and created family photo albums that can enable moments and experiences to be re-lived further down our life journey's. In today's time and age, this craving for new experiences continues strong and modern technology is enabling us to store and re-live these moments in easier ways than ever before. We see social media communities re-populating our feeds with memories from the past, search results being optimized on past queries and several forms of AI optimizing user funnels based on behavioral predictive modelling.



This collision of the physical and virtual worlds present amazing opportunities for us to enrich our daily lives and bring deeper substance and longevity to our daily endeavors.

Golf is the most social game on the planet, and it represents so much more than just a game of skill. Lifelong relationships are formed and nurtured on the golf course. It's a game of character, integrity, skill and constant self-discovery. The places and people we play with, along with the moments or brilliance (and insanity) all create a lifeline of memories that become stories we can carry along with us. Whether it's your first round of golf with your child, that "once in a lifetime" trip to the Old Course or that time you beat your arch enemy on the golf course, it all builds onto your personal story around the game.

Golf GameBook has always been about making the game more fun and leveraging technology in a way that we can get more out of our golf experiences both on and off the course. As you embark on your experience treasure hunt, Golf GameBook will keep track of where you play, who you play with and how the match ended. Each time you head out to the golf course, a new golfing story is about to happen. By having a virtual companion to help you to document these adventures, you will soon witness that a trip down memory lane starts to form. We believe that each golfer deserves a gallery or friends whenever they play and a diary where these memories can be stored. We are all passionate about the game. We all have a story to tell. Now let's start co-creating your own Golf X You.

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