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Heikki Sorsa – Do it with a smile

Tero Parkkinen

Heikki Sorsa’s performance at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics was one of the most iconic ones in Finnish sports history. It symbolized the introduction of a new sport into the Olympics agenda and reminded us all of the richness and diversity across sport.


The mohawk and the pink goggles along with the energetic performance made Heikki an instant favorite amongst the crowds. This same energy and enthusiasm has followed him across the years.


Snowboarding and sports have been a red thread across Heikki’s entire life. He’s always been serious about learning and developing but always through a lens of optimism and positivity. This has also applied to his relationship with the game of golf.

”I just want to have fun. The game and the rules need to be respected, but you can’t take golf too seriously. Whatever you do, it’s always better to do it with a smile on your face”, reflects the former snowboarding Olympian and turns on that smile that can light up an entire room.

”I want to remain true to my own style of doing things – also on the golf course.”


The golf course provides Heikki with a sanctuary where he can enjoy the game and the company of his friends. When you head out to the 1st tee, you forget everything else and just focus on your next shot.

Heikki also finds similarities between surfing and golf.

”Even though you have had a bad round of golf, one shot can save everything. It’s kind of like in surfing, where one great wave can make your entire day.”


Despite having the ability to land snowboarding tricks us mere mortals can only dream about, Heikki is still of the opinion that golf is much harder as a sport.

”Golf is harder, no doubt about it. At least for me. I love golf, because you can find the “fun” side of the game very quickly. However, if you want to master the sport, it’s really, really difficult.

Since retiring from competitive sports, Heikki has found joy in everyday life through his love of his family, his favourite hockey team and the lifelong learnings the sport has taught him.


”My best memories from snowboarding were friends, travelling and just learning life. I’m really thankful for that. It sounds hippy but that’s true.”

Heikki also reflects on how snowboarding actually saved his life. “In my childhood neighborhood, half of the kids started skateboarding and snowboarding, half started doing drugs. In my childhood, I didn’t have time for anything else and this kept me on the right track. Even my mother always told me that as a kid, I had a lot of energy and channeling that to sports really saved my life.".

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