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Andreas Lagercrantz and his love for the game of golf

Golf GameBook had the chance to catch up with Andreas in the beautiful island setting of Visby Golf Club, Gotland, Sweden. Andreas is an advisor to Golf GameBook, manager to his brother Alex Noren and an overall Swedish golf influencer that runs several endeavors within the golf industry. During our time together, Andreas shared his insights on the game of golf, its role in his life and the lessons learned throughout the years.


So tell us Andreas, how did your “addiction” to this game start?


Growing up, my grandfather played quite a lot of golf. And when I was 8 years old, Haninge GC, a golf club close to our summer house outside Stockholm, just had its grand opening and offered free practice for junior golfers. After the first practice session on the range I was immediately hooked to the game. 


What was your first golf memory?


I remember how exciting it was to try to hit the ball better and better. I loved to practice. Shaping it in the air, competitions of impossible shots around the chipping green and battles on the course. And the friendship at the club with the other kids, we had a blast every day throughout the summers. The most perfect summer retreat!

Were there other hobbies before golf?


As with a lot of kids, I tried out a lot of sports growing up. From soccer, badminton and ping pong to BMX with the friends in a nearby park. And since this was during the 80s, of course tennis was a big part of my youth!



What’s been your greatest golfing moment?


I never reached far in my golfing career (at least if you compare to my brother, Alex Noren :-). I remember playing a fantastic last round at the Stockholm Junior Championship. It was the kind of round that you get into a flow and just know, that the next shot will be amazing. A great feeling. I loved to play tournaments, but great golfing experiences can also be found in a round with great friends at a nice course. A late summer evening game with my kids beats every tournament round!

If you were a golf club, which club would you be? ;)


If I would be a club, it would be the Driver. The one that starts the game, sets the tone and the direction and hopefully gets to a point where new opportunities arise!

How do you approach each new milestone/goal that you set out to accomplish?


I love to try to solve new challenges and find white spaces in businesses. All industries are changing, and golf is among those that changes rapidly, both in terms of equipment, memberships, technology, tee time bookings etc. There is so much fun and excitement in trying to carve out a business strategy, create partnerships, pinpoint business plans and execute a business. I currently run 3 businesses in a wide variety of areas, but the main context is always golf.

With golf such a large part of your professional life, is it easy to switch off and just “enjoy a round”?


Nowadays its quite easy to enjoy a round without the pressure to perform. But I do have a desire to start practicing regularly again. Would be great to start playing with the ability to attack the flags. I usually play with clients and friends, so the most important part of the game is to a have a lot of fun on the course.

What dreams/aspirations do you have for the upcoming year/years?


I have big dreams with my companies. A fantastic management agency, a travel agency to offer the most amazing golf experiences and then my influencer agency to offer opportunities for golf influencers to continue with their passion. But it would be great if I could have any impact in making the game more fun, accessible and easier to get into for kids. A long-term goal would be to run a golf club in Stockholm some day! ;-) Probably super tough business but it would be a lot of fun! 

Has golfing taught you any life lessons?


Many! The game has so many good parts and life lessons. Integrity, how to overcome challenges, respect and mental strength. All of which I use in my daily life. And lessons I hope the game will transpire to my kids.  


Finally, as the conceptual core of the concept is Golf X You, or in this case “Golf X Andreas”, could you summarize what golf means to you?


Except for my family, Golf means everything, it transpires into my work, leisure time, holidays…The first practice shots on the range, when I was 8, changed my entire life!

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